Merry Christmas ALL!

Christmas Eve is now upon us. As always, we had a quiet dinner out with family. Nothing fancy. It is about time together. The last arrangements are done, the table set out in readiness for tomorrow's feast.

This year is an off year, meaning many won't be home for Christmas Day but rather for Boxing Day. These members of the family will be with their other family tomorrow. But Christmas still happens at our house of course. Stockings start at 8:00 sharp. Present opening will start after breakfast. We anticipate a group of fourteen tomorrow. Boxing day we are planning for twenty-one with room for more if they arrive.

We'll visit, chat, play games and without a doubt eat much more than we should. It is going to be fun - as always!

One last 'chore' still needs to be done before we go to bed tonight. We'll set out everyone's stockings in readiness for Santa's visit.

Merry Christmas ALL!

-grampa dan

Dan SawatzkyComment