It's Christmas!

It is good to enjoy our Christmas celebration with family and friends. In this special season it is also important to remember a cause close to our hearts for others. At our house we host Pipsqueak Paddocks Miniature Horse Haven Society.

Each year Mullligan, our permanent horse (with special needs) writes a letter to Santa on behalf of his many friends who stay at our place through the year before the move on to permanent, loving homes. The letter reminds us of the ongoing needs out in the yard.

Dear Santa,

Hi!  It's me, Mulligan.  I have been a very good Mini again this year!  I helped to fundraise by painting some pictures and people loved them!  I also helped a few dozen Minis to not feel lonely and scared when they came here to Pipsqueak Paddocks Miniature Horse Haven Society this year.  It was a very busy year for me!  I made so many new friends!  A couple of foals were even born here this year and I was a very good Uncle too!  

Anyways Santa, I have some Christmas wishes... but they are not for me, they are for my pals here at Pipsqueak Paddocks...

My friends sometimes bring a few extra unwanted creatures along with them!  So we need a few tubes of Equvalan Gold and any type of "Fenbenzadole" based paste wormer to start the year off with.  We could also really use cans and cans of "Dusting Powder" to take care of lice!  I get itchy just thinking about that, but it's no laughing matter.  Some of my friends arrive here so itchy that they have rubbed themselves raw and bleeding trying to get relief.  

Alot of my pals have not been fed right.  It takes a little while for them to feel better if they are too skinny or too fat.  They could use some sacks of Black Oil Sunflower Seeds, Whole Flax and Soy Hull Pellets to get them going right.  Guess what Santa?  TNT Hay Sales has the perfect kind of hay for us Minis too, PLUS our caretaker says it's the one kind of hay on the face of the planet that she's not allergic too!  It's sure nice to not be bothered by her sneezing every time she has to feed us!  LOL  So, maybe you could work something out with Gary at TNT, or leave some cash in the Minis' stockings to pay for a load of hay - we're going to need two tonnes very soon!

There are also some extra special Minis here right now, two oldtimers who can only eat Timonothy-Alfalfa hay cubes.  So we definitely need many bags of that.  Plus, there's a little baby Mini here right now who needs an extra snuggly bed, so we need the non-dusty kind of shavings and those bedding pellets are just awesome too!

Other than that... we just always need to pay for lots of visits from our favourite farrier, Taylor Josiassen and the vets at Greenbelt Veterinary Services!  They are very good to us, but there are so many operations, procedures and shots to pay for.  Maybe you could stuff a few stockings with the means to pay the bills next year?  That would be awesome!  My friends feel so much better once their hooves, dental care, and other health needs are taken care of!

But Santa, my biggest wish of all is for each of my friend's to have a family of their own very soon.  I feel so lucky to be so loved and I want that same feeling for each of my pals.  Santa, maybe you could give out some extra love this Christmas so that it will spill over and spread around.  A little goes a long way around here!


I hope Christmas at your house is extra special. I also hope you help a cause that is close to your heart.

Merry Christmas to ALL!

-grampa dan

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