On the job silliness

I love to be happy at work. I strongly believe we should all do what we love, what we are passionate about as a career. I live that dream every day, since I last worked for someone else more than thirty-three years ago. Before that I had a series of bosses who believed we should only work at work -  not have fun in any way.

I determined way back then that should I ever become a boss my shop would be run differently. I work hard, and expect the same from my employees without a doubt. But I also believe that work should be enjoyable, even fun, with lots of laughter and friendship. I wish my employees to WANT to come to work each day, to look forward to the time they spend working on our projects. The work I ask them to do can be tedious at times, and often is very physically demanding. But working as a team we can indeed do anything as evidenced by the crazy things that go out the door. If we can't have fun doing these kinds of projects it may just be time to go looking for another job.

Today, being the last day before the Christmas holidays everyone semed to be just a little sillier than usual. The sugared donuts I brought to work may have fueled the silly mood. I certainly didn't apply the brakes to the festive spirit of the day. If fact I joined right in.

One of today's jobs was to deliver the dump truck to our customer, some miles distant. Hailey and Sarah volunteered to 'drive' the truck to our customer. The thing is it was already strapped securely to the flatbed trailer. Riding many miles in the truck, on the trailer, on the open road to our customer's place of business was out of the question but we could certainly work out a compromise. The ladies would ride down the driveway and a block or two down the road - just for fun. As I got into the truck they practiced their best waves for their imaginary fans.

I suspect (make that KNOW) the silliness continued after I dropped the ladies off on the side of the road to make their way back to the shop. I drove into town and delivered the truck to our happy customer with a big smile on my face.

-grampa dan

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