Christmas beginnings

The shop tools have now been traded for tools that live in the house. Everyone at our place is now very busy getting ready for family and friends that begin arriving soon for our Christmas celebration. Out in the paddocks volunteers are giving the miniature horses extra special care, and perhaps even an early Christmas treat.

An eclectic collection of our favorite Christmas music plays in the background. Everyone pitches in, with lots of laughter and joking and even the occasional prank thrown in for good measure.

The house is being cleaned from top to bottom. Beds are being readied for our many guests. As per our family tradition the decorating of the Christmas tree begins this evening, once everything is ready. Janis is organizing everyone and making sure everything is done as it should be, no small task. Phoebe did her a special (temporary) tattoo just for the occasion.

One of my jobs (as per tradition) was to cube a mountain of sliced bread which was needed for the two rather large turkey's stuffing.

Each tradition fulfilled makes the season even more special, bringing back countless memories of Chrstimas past.

A joyous Chrstimas celebration is beginning at our house. I wish the same for everyone.

-grampa dan

Dan Sawatzky2 Comments