The sun shines!

Today our LED lighting arrived from Heico Lighting. The LED lights they manufacture are unlike anything I've ever seen before. They use a contactless technology, meaning there are no wires to hook up or solder. It is a simple matter of slipping a wire through the lighting modules. It does this through electromagnetic induction.. The only connection necessary is at the transformer.

To see an video I made (in 2010) of how easy the HEICO LED lights hook up go here.  And here's the piece as it looked finished.

Today it was time to light up the Sunshine Homes sign. The modules were a little bigger with six LED's but everything else works the same. In a matter of minutes I fastened the plastic brackets to the sign and then snapped in the modules. After that is was a simple matter of threading a single 14 guage wire through the HEICO LED's and then hooking up both ends to the transformer.

The sign instantly came to life.

For those interested I'll also provide a link to HEICO LIGHTING

-grampa dan