Simple solutions work best

I've been struggling with the design of a website header for a long, long time. Our logo is the flying ship and crescent moon on a dark blue background. Some representation of that simply has to be there on our website. In the last years we've had a dark blue site with a light colored text. That was certainly is different and does stand out but I wanted something that was a little easier on the eyes. In the site I built last year we opted for a tan background with a dark blue header. It too worked but it wasn't something I was ever really happy with. 

We want our new website to totally focus on our work, be easy to navigate and be easy on the eyes. The tripping point has always been that dark blue band with the bright colored ship. Last night as I thought things through I visited a friend's website, Shane Durnford. Shane will be helping us with our new website has long inspired me with his simple and elegant designs on signs, graphics and websites. Simple is often very hard to do. As I studied Shane's site an idea came to mind. 

I wanted the image we use to fit in with my unique style. I am known for my hand drawn and sculpted look which incorporates what we affectionately call my wiggly line technique and lots of texture. Inspired by Shane's work I would redraw our logo in a single color using my pen and ink style I know so well.

As I worked, I of course lost track of time and simply enjoyed the process. I drew freehand, but on my digital drawing pad. The image came to life on my computer screen one stroke at a time. It was very, very late when I was done. I blasted a copy off to Shane and then dragged myself to bed.

This morning (which came far too fast) I took another look. I still loved it. Shane's reply was typically brief and simple...  'Love it. Speaks volumes.' 

It was instant success after years of trying.

-grampa dan

Dan Sawatzky1 Comment