Website redo

I switched from a fully designed website to one I could update and tweak myself quite some time ago. Since I am anything but a technical type of guy this meant I had to go to a managed/template style of webpage. I struggled with it for a long while but ultimately decided that the content was more important than the design at this stage. Current and up to date information was what my clients and readers cared about and desired. Over a half million hits later I am sure of my decision.

Now it is time to begin thinking about reformatting the site once more to a more current platform and look. The new format is supposed to perform better on all the new devices as well, an important consideration these days. It will take a while before I finish reworking things and the site is far from finished but I decided to give everyone a sneak peek at the new look. 


The new format is a whole lot easier and faster to post to, meaning I can do my blogs in less tme. THat will leave more time for creating new things! :)

To look at the new site click on the new web page

-grampa dan

Dan Sawatzky2 Comments