Come fly with me!

In the last few days as I built the new website I have gone back through thousands of images recorded as we fabricated our projects through the years. I've come across many projects long forgotten. It has been fun! The new website features many more images than ever before.

One of our claims is that we can build anything we can imagine in our shop. It really is true for I've seen the proof. As I browsed the images I was reminded of the challenges we faced with each one. Often the most challenging part was how to get these giant pieces out of the door when we were done.

The most demanding pieces to move and transport as I recall have most likely been the airplanes. There have been three to date. I found images for two, both quite large. One was on a base, perched precariously on a tree stump. It was a heavy piece, actually fabricated from sculpted concrete over a welded steel frame. We fabricated the plane while it was securely tied to a low bed trailer to make things easy and stable. The plane was very top heavy as I recall. It now lives on Vancouver Island.

The second plane was a totally different challenge. It had to be lightweight for it was to be hung from the ceiling inside a shopping mall. It also had to fit inside a tractor trailer for transport as the mall was 2000 miles distant in Minnesota. This plane had a lighweight welded steel frame but the outside was built of spruce plywood and hard coated styrofoam. The wings were removable for transport.

No matter how much we learn with each project, the new one just around the corner will make us scratch our heads once more. This is what makes my job so much fun!

-grampa dan

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