Hi Ho, Ho Ho - to work I go!

Many of our customers graciously allowed us to take advantage of the fine summer weather to work on our house instead of their projects. With the advance of the fall season we are busy now in the shop trying our best to catch up on the work we've put off for so long. One of our projects is a new monument sign for Sunshine Homes in Alberta.

 In the last week we've been busy cutting steel, welding and putting together the structure for the base of the sign. We've also begun work on the more decorative parts which will be fastened to the top. The sign is still a ways from being completed but it is coming together quickly. The LED lighting is ordered and will hopefully arrive soon. This sign is large, measuring about fourteen' wide by just over seven feet tall. There is more than five hundred lineal feet of steel in the sign so far and we are not nearly done yet.

Stay tuned for more...

-grampa dan