Ready for a dose of inspiration

I often get asked why I return to the Disney parks time after time. The answer is simple. The Disney parks are a fabulous source of inspiration to me. I love visiting each of them and most likely look at the parks with very different eyes than most who visit there. I like to poke into every corner, with my camera ever at the ready. I find no lack of things to record as inspiration.

Last time I was in Disneyland I snapped a ton of pictures. I would bet most folks don't see these signs for they don't identify major attractions or even stores for that matter. Most people would have rushed by the tucked away places where these signs were hung in their hurry to get to the fun rides and attractions. These signs are small pieces that simply make the place more authentic and story more believable. While the Disney folks could have left the signs out or done them on the cheap they didn't. Instead they lavished incredible effort and skill into making them even better than what we might find out in the real world in most cases. The signs may not get directly noticed by guests in most cases but the effect is what creates the most magical of places for everyone who visits.

I can hardly wait to see what is new on our upcoming visit.

-grampa dan

Dan Sawatzky1 Comment