Framing a work of art

As I've often stated a sign in my book is anything that draws attention to our customer's business, product or service. Making the establishment memorable is part of this definition. Attention to detail is critical. Imagine all the work we are doing at the Fox & Hounds Pub and then installing a boring, regular floor. It simply would not do.

The very first concept drawing of the entry I drew featured a tile floor with a border that followed the bent border where the wall met the floor. It is true that there would not be a tougher way to do tile work than painstakingly cutting and fitting each small tile along the walls and then fitting a large diagonal tile through the middle section. But it works like a fine picture frame around a beautiful work of art. The effect is pure MAGIC.

It is also the finishing touch of a very wonderful sign. I can hardly wait to see it all done. This place will be ruly memorable.

-grampa dan