It is no secreet I love tools. Janis is convinced I have at least three of every tool every made, but that simply is not true. There are a few tools I do not yet own - even in quantities of one. But with each project there is always an expense attributed to each job and that is a little money reserved for a new tool or two. Sometimes I even design with a new tool in mind - the perfect excuse to invest in something new and exciting!

Back when we had a large crew it was the perfect opportunity to stock up on quality tools. When the company was purposely downsized I didn't get rid of any of my tools. It is always handy to have a spare or two tucked away - just in case.

The other day we were reviewing our insurance policy for our shop and Janis brought out a partial list of the tools we had. Most of the tools were not even on the list. The total value shocked me just the same. Tools, especially quality ones are not inexpensive. I do not view a tool as an expense - but rather an investment in our future. My tools I enable me to do amazing things. 


It seems this love of tools is something that is in our genes. My dad loved tools. My brothers also love tools. My kids love tools too. And now as Phoebe comes into my shop she loves to use my tools too and she has a drawer reserved just for hers in my toolbox cabinets.  She is my kind of girl!

-grampa dan

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