Continually raising the bar

These past week it seems was the time for making mistakes and corrections and adjustments of all kinds of things. Sometimes it was me, other times things changed and the work we had done simply needed to be altered or changed. It is the way things are done on occcasion - all in the interest of making the project better. Each time I would sit down with the client and contractor to decide how best to make it happen in such a way that the project would not be compromised, nor add to the price. Each time the customer would smile at me and simply state they knew I could do it - for that is why they hired me. According to them I was good and I knew how to do these kind of things.

It's something I seem to face a lot. The better I get, the higher the expectations. Every project must be better than the last. So the bar gets continually raised.

One of the ajustmentsneeded was because the mirrors were simply too low. After some discussion it was decided they needed to be three inches taller. The difficulty was two of the four frames were already done and the other two were well into production. My client expressed her confidence I could fix things up - without a trace - for she had see me pull off similar magic previously. The challenge was on. I used every trick I could muster, staggering the cuts, and blending things seamlessly as possible. I know my client reads this blog and I know nothing will get by unnoticed, but I'll even post a picture of the patch in progress, giving away where the cuts were made.

Monday morning the project will get the next inspection and we'll see if it passes.

I'm not worried and in fact am far past this little job. I am on to the NEXT challenge... raising the bar once more.

-grampa dan