Shopping spree

Today it was at last time to go to town to get Phoebe her new tools. The shopping list was clutched firmly in Phoebe's hand all the way to town. She read it over and over to make sure we didn't miss anything. Her list included (by her choice) tools she was familiar with - tools she had previously borrowed from my tool box. Uncle Peter came along as a special advisor. He knew how to use tools as well as grampa. Inside the store we headed right to the tool section. A small hammer (Phoebe size) immediately grabbed her attention. She dug out the list and in the carefully drawn box beside HAMMER she put in an 'X' - crossing that item off the list. A beautiful set of screwdrivers knocked the next item off the list. The wrench set required more thinking for there was a large selection of shiney wrenches. Then a set of black anodized box end wrenches caught her eye. Grampa liked the price as well. They were perfect! Then it was off to the tool pouch section. After trying on a couple of pouches one cinched up tight enough to not slide over her slender hips. It happened to be bright red too which helped a lot! The last item on her list was the pencils and felt pens, needed for marking and designing her work. A pack of pencils and some bright markers were the last items on her list. As we headed to the cash register she realized she hadn't crossed the last items off nor checked the list to make sure we got it all. I grabbed this picture as she checked.

The next picture, taken a few moments later shows her satisfaction on a job well done.

The hardest part was keeping everything in the bag until we got home. Once everything was in it's place she posed for me as I took this picture.

Her next comment was one I expected...  'Now what are we going to build?'

-grampa dan