A great new adventure

Today we go for a wonderful new adventure. We've been counting the days for what seems like a very long time. Saturday was the appointed day.

Last week I was in a lumberyard and noticed a small pink tape measure on the shelf. I thought of Phoebe (my grand daughter) of course and immediately bought it for her. It was different from the many other tape measures in my shop - and special for her. As I drove home I thought that Phoebe, now six and a half was old enough for some tools of her very own. She has spent countless hours in the shop helping me. Tools of her own would make it very special. When I presented her with the tape measure I asked her to pick any drawer in my giant tool boxes for her very own. We would have Donna create some vinyl lters identifying it as Phoebe's drawer. The first task was to take out my tools and clean the drawer. Then Phoebe used her new tape measure to figure out how big the name letters needed to be. 1.5" x 7" long looked to be perfect. And the letters needed to be a light blue color, please - Phoebe's favorite. 

THen we sat down and thought carefully of the tools Phoebe needs. We made a list so we would not forget. A hammer was a must of course. Screwdrivers also came to mind. A wrench set was a must. A tool belt would keep them handy when she was working. And pencils and felt markers were also very necessary.

We found a tool bag in the shop that was perfect. Some soapstone was also added to the collection. And we already had a wonderful tape measure. With the list in hand it was time to go to town to do some serious shopping...  right after a snack of course.

-grampa dan

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