Instant trees!

Sometimes we work for days and days on a project with the results hardly showing. Then in only a few hours everything comes together, seemingly in an instant. Today it was like that as we put the concrete layer on the trees around the fireplace.

Today was a busy one, complete with guest artist. Billy , the owner's son was visiting with his dad. He has shown a huge interest in the project from the very start. Today he watched us work for a few minutes... I offered him a carving tool and he jumped right in. Billy did a great job too!

Also carving today was Becky. She helped me out on the upper tree on the back sides until we got close to the ground. I then turned a good section of the root structure over to her with the simple instructions...  'Go wild and make it KNARLY!' Becky complied nicely and her first real effort at root carving turned out pretty spectacular.

With each project I know it will turn out pretty good. Even so I don't rest easy until it comes together in a major way. Things happen. Today, as we looked back at the end of the day I was so pleased with the look of the fireplace. There are still a few details to work on, the brickwork around the firebox, the upper area between the trees, and some little bits at the bottom under the roots, but it is looking pretty fine! I love it when a plan comes together!

-grampa dan