Greatest job in the world!

I have the greatest job in the world! Not only do I get to design and build the neatest and coolest projects I can imagine, but I also get to help people realize they can do just about anything they can imagine too. In my workshops my primary goal is to inspire people - to have them realize that we are all capable of so much more than we think possible - we only need to believe and take the steps to make it so.

When I am on a job site, teaching a class, painting a mural, or whatever, I love to hand my brush or tool to someone and have them give it a try. What I do is not rocket science, not that difficult - especially when broken down to small steps or procedures. It works with those who work with me too for most of my projects are far too large for me to accomplish alone.

Yesterday we were working at the Fox & Hounds Pub project up on the top trim of the restaurant. The owners and their two boys came to look at our progress. Billy proudly showed his mom what he had carved the day before. Ken, his younger brother was also there. He was watching intently the job I was doing. I could read his mind like a book. He knew what his bother had done the day before and desperately wanted in on the same action. I held out my carving tool and motioned him up on the scaffold. He glanced back at his dad and got the needed nod and and he was up on the scaffold like a shot. Ken didn't need a second invitation. I showed him how I was carving the woodgrain and he confidently took the tool and began to carve. Ken, like his brother, had no doubt he could do the job at hand - even though he had never done such a task before. The look of joy and satisfaction on Ken's face was priceless and the biggest payment I could possibly relieve. Kids have this unwavering confidence in themselves , especially if encouraged just a little.

As adults we often lose this self confidence, denying ourselves so many opportunities in the process. One of my goals in life (which I enjoy immensely) is to awaken and foster this self confidence once more in all those I come in contact with. It sure beats working!

-grampa dan