Famous is a funny thing.

When my phone rings in my office I never know what to expect. It could literally be someone from almost anywhere in the world. It happens regularly. This afternoon my phone rang and I answered. A quiet, young voice asked for me and I relied that they were indeed talking to me. The young caller identified themselves as a grade five student from Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan and asked if they could interview me. I obliged. I had painted the largest mural of my career in Moose Jaw way back in 1990 - before these kids were even born. The mural is now gone, the building torn down some years ago but the kids remembered it fondly as their favorite.


I spoke to the young student for a few moments, and then she passed me on to a second student for a continued interview.  The questions were brief. How many murals had I painted in my career? Which one was my favorite. I volunteered a little more information. I assumed they were working on a school report. I'd received many of these types of calls before. But this time I was wrong.

The young girl thanked me for my time and her parting comment made me laugh. They were working on a play that was about me. Famous is a funny thing.

-grampa dan