And then there is Bec!

I'm always proud to see my work published in a magazine and it happens a lot. To be recognized by my peers is a very cool thing. But when one of my family is pictured there it makes me bust my buttons for sure. I am fiercely proud when they are rightfully honored! In today's mail I received the latest issue of SignCraft, a publication I write for on a regular basis. SignCraft is one of the world's best sign trade magazines that features some pretty cool work which has inspired me through the years. Inside I found an article I had written. But that wasn't the BIG news...  I also found a published feature article about my favorite (and only) daughter, Rebecca. That article made me EXTRA PROUD!

The article features three pictures of Rebecca doing what she does best, painting our signs and teaching at one of our Sign magic Workshops. It honors Rebecca for her work behind the scenes on both our signs and in general through the shop. 

Thanks Bec for all the hard work you do!

-grampa dan