Fresh start

I've been meaning to sort out my desk for a long while. Sarah straightens it up when she cleans the studio, but she can do little more with my desk than stack things neatly in the general area they belong. An end to end deep clean and sort of the twenty-one foot length was long overdue. Each time I have scheduled the time to do something always seems to come up. I've even started the task a few times, but along the way I get distracted and it languishes once more. Although there were things I should have been doing I decided today that I could stand it no more.

The best way to tackle the job was to simply start at one end. I was brutal this time, determined to largely empty the twenty one foot long curved desk of anything that didn't absolutely have to be there. Along the way I found plenty of things I hadn't seen in quite a while - a few things I had thought were lost forever. AsI went through each stack of papers I was distracted a few times, but was not to be swayed from my task. It took all afternoon before I was done but at long last it was empty except for the things that belonged. When I was done I had filled the large recycling bin to the top and another half a garbage can with junk I couldn't recycle. Lots of tools made it back to their proper place in the shop too.

For those who wonder what the writing says on the massive, curved beam over the windows...  It's in Latin and translates to "Dream - then build". Today, while I didn't do any building, my dream of a clean desk came true at last!

-grampa dan