Working around the clock.

This morning the phone rang before it was light. While many would immediately panic on account of fearing bad news from someone they know, I instead wondered where the potential customer might be phoning from. Time zones are different around the world and much too often the folks who want to talk to me forget I don't live in their time zone. 

Since we have a home based business it is so much easier to use one phone. Our business and personal lives tend to blend. While this may not be for everyone it is a lifestyle we enjoy. If the day is nice I don't feel guilty about getting outside and enjoying a little sunshine. The flip side of the coin is that if a project is pressing I can sneak out to the shop and put in some long hours. It balances out in the end.

The middle of the night phone calls are thankfully not too frequent, although there have been many through the years. I pretend I've been awake for hours and do my best to sound intelligent even though I've just snapped out of a deep sleep. Sometimes if it looks like we will be communicating more I gently remind them of the thing we call time zones. If it is a one time call I will smile to myself and let it go. Most often I can nod off back to sleep.

So if you live in some far off place and decide to give me a call don't mind me if I sound a little sleepy. Chances are I really am.  :)

-grampa dan

Dan Sawatzky1 Comment