Past the hump

 As I posted yesterday, the sign came together quickly and any fleeting doubts of it working out vanished with the next coat of glaze. The dark color we call plum crazy instantly popped the details and made the sign sing. The bottom still looked a little heavy and foreboding, but that will change in an instant as I paint the white lettering and lastly apply the gold leaf.

Tonight I put in a couple of hours to make up for the time I snuck out of the shop in the warm sunshine to mow the lawn this afternoon. It took two coats of white paint to cover the dark underpainting but it sure looked sharp in a hurry. The raised letters were a snap to outline.


Tomorrow I'll lay down some size and press on the gold leaf to add some instant sparkle and class to this big sign. And that will bring another project to it's end.

-grampa dan