imagination corporation dot com

We've owned the dot com version of our name for a few years with the intent to slowly convert our web presence from dot ca which we were forced to use early in our web presence. But, like many things it has languished on the back burner for years while I was busy with other things. This year, at last, it moved to the top of the pile. I decided a simpler web presence that I could continually update and add to was more important than a fancier website that required the expertise of my web guy. Changes are now easy and instant - something I like much better.

I built the new dot com website some months ago and have been continually adding to it as I could fit in the time. Now at last we will begin to officially make the switch. Today I'll post this notice on my old .ca blog redirecting people to the this new journal. Soon that whole site will merely redirect people to this one. I've ordered new business cards, the lettering will be switched out on the truck soon. We are now a dot com company at last.

-grampa dan

Dan SawatzkyComment