Suspension of disbelief

Disney is undoubtably the very best at what they do in terms of creating a place- a world apart from the norm. They are master story tellers with a great depth of richly detailed stories to draw from. As we enjoy our holiday I am of course taking careful note of how they do this so very well.

Layer after layer of painstaking detail is carefully thought out an applied to key areas of the park and stores. The texture of the floor/sidewalk treatment, a feeling of arrival, lighting, music and even the landscaping all fit together seamlessly. Nothing is left to chance - everything is important. I love how they create the things they do.

We are here a few more days yet, and already my creative batteries are charged to the MAXIMUM. I getting the creative itch that will last for many months to come with a renewed passion to go over the top. 

We are off for another fun day at Disney...

-grampa dan

Dan SawatzkyComment