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I never stop gathering inspiration for my projects.  I remember being amazed at the signs I saw the first timeI visited Disneyland as a young adult. These were the types of signs I wanted to create. And while we have created many signs for theme parks and even whole theme parks through the years, I have always believed these same types of signs should be created in the real world as well. This week Janis & I are spending our time at the Disneyland Resort in California. It is one of our favorite places to visit. I recommend such a trip for anyone in business, and especially for those who make signs. Look at how well the signs fit into their environments, how brilliantly they tell a story and inform. These signs work and work well!

We spent the morning in the park, and have now come back to the room to escape the heat and crowds of the mid-day. I downloaded my first batch of pictures, mostly of signs alone and was not surprised to see they number more than 125 so far. We have yet to even see most of the parks. Already I am inspired to create some amazing new projects when I return to my shop. Here's three of my favorite signs I saw this morning...

The signs I saw were made from a wide variety of materials. Most were dimensional (my preference) and all were over the top creative. While I would never consider copying anything I saw, the signs provided tons of inspiration and sparked lots of new ideas.

I also have my sketchbook with me. In the next week we are here I will spend some time with a pen in my hand, scribbling down the many ideas that come to mind. 

I recommend this kind of creative input to all who are looking for ideas.

Even though it is definitely a 'business' trip we are also having a blast! It doesn't get better than that.

-grampa dan

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