Blue sky

Blue sky is a term in the theme park industry that refers to projects very much in the development stage. Anything is possible at this point - there are no limits. Everyone likes this stage for it is all about dreaming big dreams!

As I dream of our new four axis CNC MultiCam router that is now being built in Texas I am starting  to think hard about the marvelous things we will be able to do with it. The very best way to learn is by doing test projects. The wilder the projects the better!

Since this is true blue sky territory I decided to resurrect a project I hadn't thought about for about ten years. It is a dirigible with a cute, powered gondola. Built in a small scale, it would make for a great project to learn and test the new software and machine. I dug up the old drawing and then set about redesigning it to suit our new found capabilities - making it fancier and more challenging in the process...

Then I welded up the frame in readiness for the sculpting process.

Now the fun work begins. Stay tuned...

-grampa dan