The hurrier I go the behinder I get

Next week I'll be in Disneyland for a few days with Janis, soaking up lots of sunshine and inspiration. I like to call it work but we will manage to have some fun too for sure.  :)

As you can imagine that means a whole lot of last minute craziness here as we scramble to get ready. Just to make things a little more exciting, my new Mac laptop arrived in the nick of time this afternoon. Much of today was spent loading files and programs onto it in preparation for the trip. It's my hope to post a couple of blog entries there but then again we'll just have to wait and see how things go.

Not much real work got done here today, between the scrambling, last minute shopping, and a few calls and visits from customers. But while the computer programs were loading I snuck in a few minutes at a time of sculpting on the Blue sky project. I was happy with the progress too.

But now it is time to get back to packing my suitcase.  I wonder where the sunscreen is?

-grampa dan