A New Web Adventure

I was dragged kicking and screaming into the computer age. I thought they were cool but the last thing I thought I needed was a computer. I witnessed my kids working on one often. And Janis did our books on our company computer too. The odd time I pecked out a letter, which Janis needed to edit of course as my typing wasn't the greatest to say the least. Why would I need a computer? There was no way to be creative on one.

Then they invented the digital drawing pad. This newfangled tool was pretty cool. It was a bit awkward to look at the screen and draw with my hand far away, but the pen did what I needed. It was 1998 and computers were finally up to my speed and had an interface that allowed me to interact. It was pretty brutal at first but I slugged through it with brute force of will. I've spent countless hours in front of them since then with some pretty amazing results. Computers revolutionized the way I did my drawing and presentations. It was still done by hand but the ink was virtual. Modifications and changes were suddenly easy without starting over. It was a marvelous thing! 

Way back then I started designing our websites, although I then handed those designs to someone who could handle the necessary coding. It worked but changes were cumbersome, not instant, and costly. With coming ebooks, frequent workshops and constant new work, it's time to look at a new model. Like the digital pen of the last decade it is now possible to have someone as computer illiterate as me design and post a website. Simply amazing!

fairy phoebe.jpg

Over the next weeks and months I'll be adding to and endlessly tweaking this website, trying my best to make it look like what I have in my head. It's going to be interesting I'm sure. The good thing is my six year old grand daughter Phoebe is coming along fast...  and may soon be able to show me the things I need to know in order for me to accomplish my task.

Stay tuned!

-grampa dan