Taking the bull by the horns

This week has been one of those weeks. You know the kind. Computer problems, deadlines and a few other challenges thrown in for good measure. But then again, I've long said that the more we suffer, the better work we can produce. It's the artist's creed which I love to live by.  :)

In spite of the challenges things are getting done. We made great progress on the meat cutting sign today with the base colors on one of the bull's heads. He's looking pretty spiffy to say the least.

bull color 2.jpg

The MultiCam open house is next week and so I spent much of today there, starting the setup of our display and also doing some final tweaks to the boardroom. It is going to be very exciting to show it off to the expected crowd. Tomorrow it will be more of the same I'm sure.

Stay tuned for more progress...

-grampa dan