Seeing what is not yet there.

I believe each of us has unique abilities. Everyone is different. I remember back when I was in grade eight (42 years ago) I sat beside a brilliant teenager in Physics class. He was a gifted classical pianist who practiced for hours each day. One day as we were waiting for the teacher, my friend was sitting at the bench and with his eyes closed he was ‘playing the piano’ on the table. He was into it, bobbing his head in time with his hand movements like professional musicians do when they play classical music. I watched in awe as he silently played. When he was finished he opened his eyes and was surprised to see me watching him. I smiled as he explained he could clearly hear the music. He was practicing.

I couldn't hear the music he was playing, but I believed. I also believe I posses a similar gift. I can see things that are not yet there. As I sit down at my desk to design something, I can clearly see the thing I want to create - even though the paper is yet blank. As I draw, sculpt, weld, build or paint I can clearly visualize the end result long before it is done. The hard part is to realize that vision.

Ten years ago when we were looking for funding for a large themed project of our own I asked our banker to meet me at the project site. We went for a walk and as we toured the property I described the project in detail. I pointed out the sloping ground, the walkways, landscaping, features, even the sound of waterfalls and themed music. I could smell the flowers which had yet to be planted. None of it was yet there. At the end of the tour the banker promised me the money we needed - because my vision was so very clear. A few months later at the grand opening of the project our banker asked me to once more give him the tour, and he asked me to describe it like I had many months previous. We walked through the project and I gave him a detailed description once more. As we finished our journey he turned to me with a smile and told me "This time I could see it just as clearly as you!"

-grampa dan

Dan SawatzkyComment