More progress

In less than two weeks we will host the tenth Sign Magic Workshop here in our studio/shop. As usual we have guests coming from near and far. This time we have guests from Wisconsin, New Hampshire, New jersey, Colorado, Minnesota, Hawaii, Ontario, and British Columbia. The group is pretty excited as are we. Preparations are well underway.

As is the tradition we are creating name plaques for each guest. They serve as teaching aides and also make great souvenirs to take home. Each name plate is custom made of course, and each one is different too. It’s a chance for us to brush up on our skills before teaching and also a chance to learn a little more as we push the envelope. If possible I like to personalize the plaques with the little I know about our guests. Some I know quite well, others I have not yet met, so it is a challenge. In the next days leading up to the workshop I’ll post some pictures to show how we are progressing. It’s going to be fun.

-grampa dan