New beginnings once more as the New Year dawns

Each year, about now, I like to steal some time from my typical work days and use it to learn some new skills. This is not about merely making some resolutions but rather taking some serious time to invest in my future. It is an ongoing process really, for this year like in the past, I started preparing some months back. Installing the new four axis router was the first step. Now, in the next few weeks I have to get up to speed on the new machine. That will involve learning new processes and techniques. Thankfully I have the best support possible as MultiCam, the builders of the machine are working closely with me. 

As it was six years ago, we are again blazing new ground with EnRoute, the software that interfaces with the robotic machine. These fine folks are carefully listening to what I want to do and then figuring out just how they will write the code that will allow it to be possible. It is pretty exciting stuff!

I also will be tackling whole a new 3D software, that will help us create the files we will export to the machine software.This will be my biggest personal challenge. I am starting to play with the software at this point, seeing what is possible, how I will transpose my style to the new way of working. As always the idea will be to combine our old skills and tools with new, exciting tools of the digital age. No paying projects for this stuff are yet on the horizon. I know better. It is a time to simply have fun, explore, test the waters. It is a time to invest in the future. The best is yet to come.

Here's my first 3D sculpt of an old man's head after only twenty minutes with the 3D software. 

Imagine what may soon be possible...

-grampa dan