Two of a kind - almost

Dimensional pub signs are fun to make. For a guy who doesn't drink, I seem to make a lot of them. On Friday we polished off the Harold Fine Wines signs. The signs actually don't advertise any known brand of wine. Instead they help tell the story of the Fox and Hounds Pub. Harold Esau owns Harold Contracting. He's a great guy. He and his crew were the general contractors on the Fox and Hounds Pub Project, now almost done.

Over the years, I have worked with many contractors on projects of all sizes. Some have been difficult, some almost impossible, often needlessly so, because of poor management on the part of the general contractor. The Fox and Hounds Pub project was a difficult one. It was an extensive renovation, done while the pub remained open for business. Just about everything was rebuilt or moved during the project. The existing structure was extensively rebuilt from the footings up - no small task. And in the middle of all the heavy duty construction our small crew was to do our work. Quite the challenge for everyone in the relatively small space.

While it could easily have turned into the job from hell, Harold, his site foreman, crew and the many trades worked together to make it a cheerful and cooperative site. It was refreshing to say the least. We were all on the same team, with the common interest of making the finished project the very best it could be.

As a tribute to Harold and his crew, we fashioned the two pub signs. One will hang from a large timber on the London rooftop. The other will be presented to Harold and is crew as a token of our appreciation in making this project so much fun. The theme of the signs speak of the project.  The crown refers to the British theme. The words quality and honesty speak of Harold and his crew. The date at the bottom of the signs refer to Harold's birth date, 1955 (minus 300 years)

Thanks Harold and crew!

-grampa dan