The view out my window

 When I changed out the header on my journal a few weeks ago, I got a good response. Some wondered if it was indeed the actual view out my window. It is and it is always changing. The trees to the left are hazelnuts, the rows of bushes are blueberries, both on neighboring properties. The mountain is Vedder Mountain, with an elevation of 3,031 feet. Where we live is only 35 feet above sea level, meaning the mountain rises about 2,996 feet above us.

Nine years ago when I designed my studio, the plan had the big windows facing north, down our long driveway. The logic was I could then watch for cars (and customers) coming up the driveway. It made sense from a business point of view.

Janis looked at the plans and shook her head. She knew better. She asked me to fetch a stepladder, take it out to the field where we would be building our shop. She asked me to climb it until I had the perfect view and then note which direction I was facing. I did so.

We then re-thought and redesigned the orientation of the studio portion of the shop, and the height at which the floor of my studio should be. The answer was to face the windows to the south/east and raise the floor five feet off the existing grade.

As a result this is the view I get to enjoy each day, easily seeing over the hazelnut orchard next door.

Tonight, I noticed a wonderful warm glow from outside as I worked at my desk. I looked up and was rewarded with this awesome scene... I opened my studio door, stepped out onto the deck and snapped this picture.

I stood and admired the view for a bit as the light quickly faded and was reminded that Janis is indeed a very smart lady!

-grampa dan

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