Adding the bling.

The critical phase of any sign or project is the design. Nothing works without that. From there is is fun to build the sign. With each step we get closer to our original vision. The last stage of every project is the paint. First base colors are applied and then a series of glazes, first slopped on and then wiped and dabbed judiciousy to reveal the magic. We generally work the background or deeper areas first , working towards the front or highest areas. There are always exceptions, depending on the design of the project. 

I love to see the sign come to life as we apply the paint. It is always pure magic!

After many applications of various colors and glazes we are down to the final colors on two more signs we are doing for the Fox and Hounds Pub. Hailey has done the bulk of the painting on these ones and she's doing a fine, fine job. 

There is one more coat of cream on the banners and then one more glaze before we are done. I can hardly wait to hang it in it's permanent home...

-grampa dan