Going through the list

Now, as the Fox and Hounds project is substancially done, it is time to draw up a list and then go through it one by one and totally finish things off. Most of this work will be done in our shop. 

Today I started in on that work. The sign that honors the contractor on the project was the project I sculpted. It is now ready for final paint. A second copy of the sign will be presented to the team at the grand opening celebration to be held in January.

The sign features Harold Fine Wines - Since 1655. Harold Esau, the owner was born in 1955, hence the date on the sign. Since the sign is for the pub project we made it into a wine label. Quality and Honesty sum up the Harold's team approach to constructionand business. The crown ay the top of the sign ties into the British theme of the pub. The sign will hang from a gable end of one of the rooflines above the pub fireplace.

This is but one of a number of such signs still to come, along with some directional signs and rule signs for the pub as required by the regulations. All will be dimensional of course. Our goal is to get as close to finish as possible before Christmas.

Stay tuned for progress pics...

-grampa dan