We all see things differently!

We all seem to see and remember things differently it seems. This morning as we entered Disney's Animal Kingdom Janis & I made arrangements to meet in a little bit. I would run ahead to get some fast passes to an attraction and we would meet at another section of the park. I suggested the massive yellow dinosaur as a good place to meet. Janis, however drew a blank - even though we had walked there a number of times in previous days. She simply couldn't remember any such thing. After some discussion she promised to trust me and she would find the place.

I headed out, got the required passes for the attraction we wanted to visit later in the day and then went to the prearranged location. Janis was there waiting as I knew she would be without a doubt.

It turned out that the dinosaur was so large Janis had walked through the legs many times without it registering that it was an enormous dinosaur and not just a big archway. This time she saw it for what it really was. We had a good laugh and went on with our day. The dino will now remain in both of our memories forever!

-grampa dan

Dan SawatzkyComment