Telling a BIG story

I'm well known in our family for telling big stories. I have earned the name 'Shmyer' which is a combination of the words story and lie. I'm actually just short of a liar because all my stories are based on real events. As a grandfther it is part of my job. I also use this skill in my other job which is to create signs and features that tell a story, either real or otherwise.

The Disney folks are masterful story tellers in their own right. The safari ride at Disney's Amimal Kingdom is a wonderful example. They have created the illusion of the African plains where animals supposedly roam on thousands of acres without a fence ever in sight. It is all done cleverly too. The animals appear to be in their natural habitat. The roads the large safari vehicles travel on look like dirt, complete with tire tracks and potholes. The reality is that they are carefully sculpted and formed concrete designed to keep the drainage away from the animal habitat and water sources.

The passengers of the safari get bounced and jostled as the vehicles search for the wild animals. But no detail is too small or taken for granted. Fake mud is splattered on the sides of the trucks and faux dust is caked on the hood and fenders. Above the driver on the overhead console there is even a bumper sticker that reads 'I LOVE POTHOLES'. It all adds up to be story telling in it's grandest form. And you can bet I was sitting in the front row taking lessons in how to do it right!

-grampa dan

Dan Sawatzky1 Comment