Safety first - but without wrecking the story.

To tell a story with our signs it is important we do more than simply hang them with typical hardware. That would undo everything in an instant. To hang our barrel sign I used a hemp rope and antique pully to do the job. I frayed the rope on the ends and knotted it plenty to do the task - in keeping with the story. The barrel was hung at an agle too and not perfectly level. That simply would not be right for this sign. 

Because the barrel was hung from a hemp rope I wanted something a little more secure - especially in case of some calamity. The sign was hanging over where people were sitting. I bought a small braided safety cable rated to hold many times more weight than the sign. I securely fastened it to an eye bolt of the sign which was welded to a steel frame inbedded into the middle section. The cable was threaded close to the rope, through the pully and around the beam, securing the sign - no matter what might happen. I dabbed on a litle dark paint to make it all but invisible in the dim light.

Now the story is told properly, without interferance, and I can sleep at night knowing the barrel will hang securely.

-grampa dan