As we finish painting the various sections of the trim and walls of the Fox & Hounds Pub our next task is to hang the eye candy we've been working on in the studio since the start of the project. It is like icing on the cake providing just the right amount of bling. Each sign of course helps tell the story of the pub.

We've declared the washroom to be throne rooms. The crown motif is repeated on the washroom stall dividers and is routed into the mirrors over the sink. The diamond shape is also mirroed through the washrooms.

The first of the beer signs is now in it's final place. The beers of course are fictional, the signs instead tell the pub's story. In this case it is about the British. A English sea captain was blown off course. In the process he discovered the Galapogos Islands. The date was 1593. It makes for a cool beer label and includes a tortoise which is the first thing I think of when I think of the Galapogos Islands.

As we finish off more areas we'll be hanging a bunch more dimensional art. Stay tuned...

-grampa dan