Surf's up!!!

Matt sculpted Lickity’s surfboard today and did an awesome job on the woodgrain! This finished the sculpting on this piece. Next up…. COLOUR! Stay tuned…

lickity sign sculpted.png
surfboard sculpted.png
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Little helper

There’s little I enjoy more than recruiting youngsters to help with my chores. Inevitably, the task turns to fun in an instant. Henry was watching me take out the garbage and wondered what I was up to. Grampa always has interesting tools and Henry LOVES tools. In this case it was a two wheel dolly. We were soon wheeling all over the driveway, slowly at first until Henry got the hang of it, then ever faster. The garbage got taken out and it has never been more fun!

Henry helping.png
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Endless inspiration

I am often asked if I think I will ever run out of ideas. My answer is no, most likely i will instead run out of time to achieve them. Little Henry, Now aged one reminded me of that the other day. He has recently discovered the joy of drawing. He climbed onto a chair by the kid’s drawing table, grabbed a marker and thought for a second or two about what he might draw. Then he pulled off the cap on the marker and confidently set to work. He had a great time working on his drawing. A while later he went back to draw some more and like the previous time had no trouble coming up with an idea to draw. That’s how it should be. I wish him a lifetime of enjoyable creating.

henry ideas.png
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