Big as life!

It is amazing how fast a piece changes once the concrete starts to get troweled on. All the welded steel framework disappears. Light and shadow suddenly make the piece come to life. Lickity is now as big s life. The ice cream cone looks good enough to eat. On Monday the surfboard will be sculpted making this piece ready for the painting process. He is massive and will undoubtably be included in countless selfie photos, him with his ice cream and the other person with theirs. I look forward to seeing it in place!

lickity sculpted 2.png
lickty sculpted.png
Dan SawatzkyComment
Ready for sculpting

Matt finished the wiring today and we assembled and welded the sign into position on the surfboard. The piece does not look big in the pictures but it measures ten feet tall and is quite massive when you stand next to it. The sculpted concrete skin to be done tomorrow will make it seem even larger. Stay tuned…

lickity ready for concrete.png
Dan SawatzkyComment
Brain surgeon

Some of the tasks we do in our shop look a little strange at first glance. I came into the shop this afternoon and Peter was sawing the top of the head off of a classical statue. It looked like he was doing some very rough brain surgery. But there was (as there most often is) a good reason. The statue will have a hat on her head and it will act as a flower pot. Actually the explanation sounds as about the same as the act of brain surgery. Trust us, it will look good - and logical when we are done. :)

brain surgeon.png