Worth the long wait!

I got up extra early this morning (2:15 am) to head to the airport. I spent much of the day in airports and on planes but arrived in Nebraska safe and sound. I’ll be spending a few days at Vala’s Pumpkin Patch, seeing the farm in all its fall glory. I’ll be watching the crowds, sizing things up and dreaming up future projects. But it won’t be all work. They have many amazing eating establishments on the farm and I (in the name of research) will try all of them, sampling as many delicious dishes as possible. I already know the Pie Barn will be my favourite. I visited tonight and had a very tough time choosing which would be the first variety to sample. After some deliberation I settled on the peach pie. Good peach pie is very hard to find. My anticipation had been building since my first site visit last April. Valas Farm wasn’t open back then. And in summer when I helped them install the signs wee had fabricated they were closed as well. But all that patient waiting was worth it as I took my first bite of my peach pie. It was the very best pie I’ve ever eaten! I’ll make sure I do at least some hard work before I make my way to the Pie Barn at morning coffee time tomorrow. The cherry pie is calling…

peach pie.png
Dan SawatzkyComment