Sculpture Magic Workshop

We are hosting two Sculpture Magic Workshops this fall. The first workshop sold out almost instantly. There are still a few seats left in the second available on a first come first serve basis. If you are interested drop me an email

The sculpting workshop is designed to light your creative fires! We explore how we come up with our ideas, and what tools and materials we use to bring them to life. By breaking everything down into simple steps, we will discover that anything is possible. Our workshops are designed to take the mystery out of our craft and make it fun. Those who take the workshops are fully immersed in our creative world for three intensive days.

We squeeze a whole lot into three days, but it is our goal to share as much as we possibly can of what took us more than forty years to learn ourselves. The theme is visual storytelling. It’s all about using our imaginations to do things most people have never done before. For more information go to

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