A whole lot of feathers!

It makes me chuckle every time I think about how fortunate I am to get to draw and sculpt silly little creatures much of the time. To think I actually get paid for this effort and then ship the funny looking animals far and wide makes me grin a big old grin. It’s a good thing having this much fun is allowed. I’ve spent the last couple of days sculpting a small flock of (three) chickens for the Cookie Coop. One will perch on the sign post and the other two will roost up on the roof of the ramshackle coop. As I considered how I would pose them I decided they should all be enjoying the chocolate chip cookies they make there. One would hold the cone of cookies and the other two would be relaxed and laid back just enjoying the delicious fare. All three chickens are plenty plump, for they obviously ( and rightfully) believe Vala’s chocolate cookies are the very best! Becke has started laying on the colour to bring them to life!

flock of chickens.png
Dan SawatzkyComment