Jeeping with Henry

With the warmer summer weather Henry has been out in the yard a whole lot more. it didn’t take him long to notice the little Jeep we made to go in our local parades. One ride up and down the driveway and he was sold. The little vehicles gos much faster than our lawn tractor and that is a whole lot of fun! Now it is his favourite thing to do. Each time I see him he asks to go out to ride… again and again and again until grampa just can’t say no. He sits tight against me, thoroughly enjoying the ride as we roar up and down our 300 foot long driveway, again and again and again. Henry’s second favourite thing to do is to pretend he’s driving grampa’s big Jeep. Later, when I jump in to run an errand it makes me laugh as when I start it up the windshield wipers come on, the radio is much louder than I like it and the heater is turned all the way to much too hot. I know Henry has been playing with all of the controls. It’s all worth it to hear his laugh!

jeep riding.png
henry in the jeep.png
Dan SawatzkyComment