Hazelnut Inn sign

Two evenings ago I mentioned that we had finished the Hazelnut Inn sign while the while the picture I posted showed the progress on the entire front of the property. Since then a number of people have asked me to show a closer picture of the sign. It turned out to be a real head turner and we are very proud of it! It was truly a group effort. Peter and Hailey provided the initial inspiration and art direction while I did the concept art. The sign face is routed from Precision Board high density urethane. The gilded lettering is 23K gold and was done by Alyssa. There’s more than 1000 individual leaves cut from 10 gauge steel which were allowed to rust and then were lightly sanded and clear coated. The trunk of the tree was hand sculpted using sculpting epoxy. I did that work assisted by Grant. The ‘bricks and rocks’ were hand sculpted from concrete by Peter and Matt while Grant had the tough job of mixing and moving the concrete for the crew. Becke and Alyssa did the painting and glazing - all by hand. Here’s three shots from various angles which I grabbed tonight.

hazelnut inn sign 1.png
hazelnut inn sign 2.png
hazelnut inn sign 3.png