Back from radio silence

On Thursday morning I came down with a cold but colds simply don’t slow me down. Friday it was definitely worse, but I just ramped up my tough guy and carried on. Saturday, it hit me like a brick wall - even my hair hurt a whole lot. After lazily sitting around for a few hours I managed to convince myself I was well enough to mow the lawn for there is nothing hard about sitting on a ride mower. But afterwards it was time to rest in a big way or collapse. I spent the rest of the day between the recliner and bed. Sunday, I was really determined to be better. I managed to shuffle half a block to get Janis a fresh muffin at the bakery but then I was so tired it was back to the recliner and bed for some quiet suffering and sleep. By Sunday afternoon, still feeing very sick and weak, I knew there was only one thing to do. I cut up a chicken and set it on the stove in a big pot to brew up some of my favourite homemade soup (a recipe from my momma) . It simmered on the stove for three hours while I suffered so very bravely in my recliner. When the soup was ready I ate one bowl and brought Janis a bowl for preventative medicine. Then I went back to bed to allow the cure to work it’s magic. I awoke this evening feeling somewhat better at long last, downed another bowl of the magical soup and finally felt good enough to do more than simply moan in my recliner. I now suspect that I’m going to actually survive this nasty cold and am hopeful that tomorrow will be a much better day. I’m very grateful my hair has stopped hurting. Janis is suggesting I take it real easy tomorrow, perhaps sleep in a little and take an afternoon nap too. We’ll see how it goes.

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