Ready.... set.... GO!

It’s only ten and a half months until next year’s Sign Invitational at the International Sign Association EXPO in Orlando. Because our sponsor, Signs of the Times Magazine, has print deadlines, it shortens the timeline considerably and I really need to finish my entry by the end of February. This means there is no time to waste - especially if I don’t want to have to work long hours at the last minute. Things always take longer to do than we plan and other things always come up to delay the things I want to work on. All of that meant it was time to start doing a little work as often as I can. The preliminary plan was done on the plane ride home from this year’s event. I finished the concept drawing a few days later as I relaxed one evening. Over the last week I found some time to work up a routing file for the wheels of the little truck. Today, just before I went on a long and enjoyable bike ride I fired up the MultiCam CNC router and set it in motion. The wheels were routed in halves which I’ll glue together back to back before hand finishing. Since I’ll actually be building two of the display pieces, that meant I needed sixteen halves of the wheels. By the time I got back from my ride in the sunshine the router was well on the way to completing the first of many pieces to come. This is going to be fun!

wheels on router.png
Dan SawatzkyComment