Spring has sprung!

I’ve drawn inspiration from nature in my work, since the days I made my living as a pen and ink illustrator back in the 1970’s. Over the last five and a half weeks as I rode my new bicycle over the local trails I have watched in awe as the green of spring happens once more. My first rides were in freezing temperatures as the snow and ice were still melting. It’s still not quite the shirtsleeve weather that I love but after a four day absence the change was dramatic. Bare benches are gone and green is sprouting everywhere. Wildlife abounds as well with the advent of spring. On my ride today I saw great heron, Canada geese, beaver, rabbits and other species at every turn. The scenery is spectacular. I now have more than four hundred kilometres on the e-bike and look forward to many hundreds of kilometres to come this summer.

green forest 1.png
green forest 2.png
rail bridge.png
Dan SawatzkyComment